How can I be sure that Edthis.com can help me?

We provide a completely free sample and it is quick and easy to find out for yourself what we can do for you. We only accept work that we are sure we can improve and we only get new customers by providing people with the best service. We are very proud of our long history of helping our many satisfied customers.

What’s the difference between the editing that Edthis.com offers and proofreading?

Our service covers all areas of proofreading.  In addition to the normal, basic corrections of proofreading, more detailed suggestions are offered which cover the quality of the writing, strengthening the arguments, and improving the overall structure and quality of the paper.  Proofreading will make sure what you have written is ok, but will not ensure that it is well written.  The editing will provide much more detail and provide you with the best possible piece of writing.

How much does it cost?

£33 per hour

How do I pay?

a) Bank Transfer to Metro Bank UK
Acct Name: EdThis
Acct Number: 10191998
Sort Code: 23-05-80

b) PayPal account: payments@edthis.com (Credit Cards in any accepted currency)

How can I get my work back more quickly and pay less?

Make sure it’s finished and carefully checked. You spending more time correcting and improving your writing, means we will need to spend less time on it and this will make it cheaper for you. The price quote you receive for editing a document is based on the time required to ensure that you receive the best quality writing possible from the text you have provided. We can look at fewer words if you want to pay less, but we will not rush through your writing to save time. Quality is always our priority.

Do you provide help in languages other than English?

Only English

How long does it take?

This varies. As a rough guide, at quieter times it takes about 2 working days for 3,000 words, 3-4 working days for 5,000 words and 5-6 days for 10,000 words. These are approximate times only but we will always aim to finish as quickly as possible and give you a clear idea about how long we think it will take.

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